About DaZe


2861588-esports.jpgRomanian e-sports enthusiast, loves games, anime and movies.  I will note here the games I am interested in, for anime you can check my list on myanimelist. http://myanimelist.net/animelist/infsDaZe
Poker – Amateur player, played just for fun, watched numerous tournaments.
Chess – Played on chess.com ~1800 biggest rating and on my university chess club.
Starcraft 1&2 B-Iccup player for Broodwar, Grandmaster  on Starcraft 2 WoL and HoTS.
Counter-Strike GO-Highest rank : Supreeme before the 2015 winter rank change.
League of legends – Highest rank : Plat 5, horrible Lee Sin player.
Hearthstone-Highest rank: 2 using a hunter/echo giants mage.
Street Fighter / Mortal kombat: Amateur player, watched numerous tournaments for MKX, mains Shinnok/Kotal Kahn and C.Viper.

As for MMOs (casual games huehue)
Mu online – 2/3 resets.
Silkroad – Max level (80 cap)
Lineage II c5 – Max level (80 cap)
Vindictus  –  Max level (80/85 cap)
TERA:Rising- Max level(65 cap)
Blade&Soul- Max level(45 cap) + Platinum pvper.
Eloa – Max level (40/45 cap) + Elite pvper.
Black desert – Beta tester.                                                                                                                        Dragon’s Dogma Online- lvl 50, starting to get used to the game.

Singleplayer games that I respect:

Diablo II + Expansion


Assassin’s Creed 1

Devil May cry 3/5

Resident evil 4

Crysis 1/2/3

Halo 1/CE/2

Shadow of the Collosus


Amnesia The Dark Descent


GTA San Andreeas/IV/V

Dark Souls 2/3

Battlefield 3

Tomb Raider 2013

The elder scrolls Skyrim

Fallout 3 New Vegas

Portal 1/2

Mirrors Edge

Half life 1



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