We’re just playing Ford’s game all season.

What is going on here?

Since the show can be seen as a philosophical thought experiment discussing the meaning of being a human or the identity of  robots, it might feel at the start that you have a choice. It feels that the actions of Meave or Theresa have a chance of accomplishing something, and everything in the show seems to barely just work out in Ford’s favor.


However, none of this is true since the entire plot was set from the start. I’m not talking about the plot written by the directors, because most of the good shows do that nowadays. I’m talking about how well engineered the entire side character stories are made. But it’s all a fraud since they have no chance, their destiny is planned and they can’t escape Ford’s master plan.

In the above image you can see Ford casually watching the table with a 1/100 replica of the ending episode. Where can we see this? In episode 6, as early as episode 6 we’re given glimpses into Ford and his ideas. Isn’t that a bit cocky? It might be, this scene was spotted by a redditor after re-watching the whole show. Amazing!


Is this the bigger picture?

Another scene were something similar happens is the discussion between Bernard and Ford near the ending of the series. Ford’s real motives are revealed and we’re given a small glimpse into his ideology, basically he’s saying that he is trying to protect the hosts from the humans, not the other way around. He is becoming an antagonistic character by figuring out his way of solving the problem. To kill everybody involved all while the hosts discover their true potential and mind trough the maze test.

Ford decided to take the burden from the start, but isn’t his whole journey a way to say that the hosts can’t do anything on their own? We’ll have to wait for season 2 to see the aftermath of his master plan.




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