Interviewing VX | Killer Xinok „I always try to keep my turn, even if I have to let go of 5% or 7% in a combo.”


VX | Killer Xinok

Twitter: @VX_KillerXinok

Twitter: @VX_KillerXinok

DAZE: First of all, for the people who don’t know who you are…what’s your name, background, and Mortal Kombat X main?

XINOK: My name is Bruno, also known as Killer Xinok. I’m a mechanical engineer student and I play MKX on my free time. I started competitive gaming in 2012 with MK9 and I played Injustice as well. I won like 50 tournaments on all these 3 games here in Brazil and South America.

I play Tremor but some people know me for my A-List Cage. That was my main until EVO.

DAZE: First time I saw you was at KIT and the first thing that came to mind was: „with a name like that he surely plays Shinnok”. Can you tell us more about where your handle comes from and how long you’ve had it?

XINOK: Hahahaha, yeah that’s a weird story. So back in MK4 I played Shinnok all the way. I wasn’t a pro on MK4 but I had too much fun playing the character. In my opinion, he was the best on that game. Shinnok is pronounced „Xinok” in Brazil, so I made that my PSN  ID.

When MKX came out, I was hyped for Shinnok but then saw that he was a zoning character and my interest faded. I love rushdown characters.

unnamed copy.jpg

DAZE: Moving on, from games I’ve seen you in it seems to me you played Johnny Cage as a main and Tremor in some casuals against JagoBlaKe. What can you say about Johnny back then? Did you play him with his strength or did you want to pick a character that you liked? Or did you just wanted a character that had a Brazilian t-shirt available to represent your region better? I know you take that shirt to events!

XINOK: Hahaha yeah that was a nice t-shirt. One of my friends actually made it for me and it was awesome, just like the one worn by Johnny in-game. I played Johnny because I liked his rushdown gameplay and I loved how he could dominate the neutral game with his amazing F3, which is an advancing mid that leads to plus pressure. He’s good even after the patch, but he doesn’t fit my playstyle anymore. He now uses a playstyle with lots of pokes and I don’t like poking. I like to be positive all the time, lol!

DAZE: Whenever I think of your matches there are two legendary moments that in my opinion define you. And I’m talking about the game against SonicFox at EVO were the match got extended with his amazing comeback, and the game against Scar at KiT were you made the comeback and tied a round. Since you don’t have many televised games, what can you tell us about moments like these, do they happen a lot for you? And how different do you feel when you are on stage and something incredibly rare like this happens?

XINOK: Yeah those were intense moments. The hype went real on these two. To be honest tied rounds and match extensions don’t happen quite as often for me. But last week I was playing Staboss200, a player from Brazil, and there was a specific match that was going back and forth. In the last round I traded a poke with his string and we got the match extension hype. I told him to record that one so I could post it later. i love moments like that.

I also don’t feel pressured when these moments happen to me on stage. I think I’m already used to this kind of thing thanks to all these tournaments I’ve been to.

DAZE: Going back to Evo, you lost in a match up that was certainly in your favor (Jonny vs Jason). What was your opinion back then of this match up, were you unprepared because Jason was so unpopular? Due to the recent patch do you think Jason is a bad match up nowadays?

XINOK: I lost because I made a lot of wrong reads there. Whiteboi definitely deserved the win. There was a moment that I did X-Ray when I didn’t intend. I was prepared for Jason to be honest, but it’s a match-up were you can’t count him out. Too many mix-ups, command grabs and gimmicks to consider him done for. I think Jason is not a bad match-up for Tremor since he can deal with his options pretty well.

DAZE: Talking about the new patch, will you surprise everyone with some new picks or do you think Johnny is viable and good enough to play all the way? A lot of Kompetitors think that switching and not playing bad match ups is the way to go in MKXL if you want to win. What kind of player are you now, a specialist or somebody who counter picks a lot?

XINOK: I don’t think I would do any good with Cage anymore. I think Tremor fits my style better now and I have some pocket characters to use in some matches, but it’ll mostly be Tremor.

I always try to put all work in a specific character, but I practice some others to cover the bad match-ups of my main. Another thing about my gameplay is that I always prefer set-ups over damage. A lot of people come to show me the most damaging combos but those normally give the opponent a free wake-up and then it’s his turn. I always try to keep my turn, even if I have to let go of 5% or7% in a combo.

DAZE: There was some recent “drama” around the MKX scene with that tweet made by MrWizz regarding what game you want to see at EVO 2017 (MKX or Injustice2).


With MKX approaching 2 years it seems we will have to switch over to inj2 if we still want to compete. Now I won’t ask for your opinion on why MKX has fewer viewer numbers because if there is one thing I never understood was this, mk9 had even fewer numbers and we certainly have seen a rise since then. While a game such as street fighter was always “in the mainstream” and more appealing and what not. I will ask you what do you think is the cause for the community always turning to excuses such as “Oh the game is only 50/50’s” or it’s just  “rushdown with no brain”, is it some sort of defence mechanism so they don’t look at themselves to improve?

XINOK: I think regardless of what the game has, we have to adapt ourselves to it. If there are 50/50s then you have to be ready to block them or you won’t get good at the game. If it wasn’t for the 50/50s or rushdown or whatever, people would find another excuse in order to make themselves „feel better” about their losses. I think that if you lose it’s because your opponent made better use if his tools than you did.

DAZE: Even if Injustice 2 gets picked at Evo or they will stay with MKX, will you participate this year in either game? Last time you made it to top 32 if I’m not mistaken.

XINOK: I’m an NRS game lover, lol. If there’s Injustice 2 and MKX at Evo 17, I’ll play both of them. I’ve been waiting for some Flash gameplay from Injustice 2 for a long time. He was my main in Injustice 1 and he will be my main in this new game. I made top 32 at EVO and I just hope they make 3/5 this year instead of 2/3 because that makes for better sets and more time for the players to adapt to the opponent.

DAZE: Moving on, we know you will be at KiT in a few days, you have some great games from EvO and an amazing top 8 placing at KiT 16. What is your goal at this tournament? With the competition so chaotic (everybody can beat everybody) do you think you have a better chance to beat your own placing? Who are you mostly scared of in this tournament?

XINOK: I’m focusing on making top 8. I know I have the strength to do it. I just have to play my game and be ready for the match-ups. I love how MKX is nowadays. So many top players are out there and nothing is guaranteed. I really think I can do better this year than I did at KIT last year. To be honest, I think I’m prepared for the worst but the p[layers I fear are Sonic Fox, Scar, and Semiij. Mileena is a a bad match-up for Tremor.

DAZE: Finally, thank you for your time, and if you want to give a shout out or thank anybody you can do so. Also, where can we find more of you?

XINOK: Thanks, bro! I’d like to thank all of my training partners in Brazil that are helping me grind every match-up. And of course the guys from Team Vertex that helped me out a lot on this road to KIT 17. There are some amazing people on this team.

There’s footage my gameplay on the Kombat Klub Twitch and Youtube Channels.

Once again, thanks for the interview. Peace out, everyone!


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