Can Westworld be too revealing sometimes?

With Westworld finished and the first season being quite outstanding. The show managed to gain a lot of attention.

Following some recent discussions about it though, it feels that sometimes the show explains everything twice. Does it lose some of its suspense while doing so? Or are we just looking too much into these things. You know what they say, a good show is made mostly out of minor details like this and sometimes your experience can be ruined by something as trivial as coherence mistakes.

I will talk about a scene in particular that caught my eye.

I’m talking about the scene in which Bernard and Theresa go into an abandoned house to search for some weird activity in that area. Theresa discovers a door and Bernard reacts weirdly to it. Some fans argue on reddit that Bernard’s reaction obviously spoils the rest of the scene. They say that the way he asks “what door?” feels like he is trying to hide it in an unnatural and naive way.

The next scene the 2 descend into the secret room and then we find out for good that Bernard is actually a robot made by Ford, at which point he kills Theresa. All is good but it just feels like we were robbed by this amazing conclusion with little scenes and bits that could be too obvious for somebody who was paying a lot of attention. The moment Bernard had the painting of Ford in hand IN THE SAME SCENE also is a nod towards him being a robot.

As Ford tells us time and time again, they can’t program the robots to have “human experiences”. What that means is the robots have memories as recordings, the lines are not blurred, there are no weird distorted places and everything is like they are reliving that moment. This is very important because a big part of the scene is seen from Bernard’s point of view. With this we see the photo with him erased since he is programmed to no see himself, and he asks “what door?” as somebody who just does not want to respond to something. However if you payed special attention to most of this, you feel that you already know what is going to happen, the door just disappears in a moment and when Theresa asks about it it just magically appears.

In my opinion the show tries to accept both viewer sides. It goes like this, it has a plethora of clues for the people who are looking for them and are interpreting and paying attention to every detail, but it also has the obvious reveals for the ones that are not keeping up with all the story. While the first category of viewers feel a bit robbed and not impressed, the second, more casual fan base will regard them as a great show that explains most of its plot.

I’m on the fence on this one, but since I watch my shows just for the experience and because I want to get carried away in the story and characters, I like them having tons of little clues but not forcing them too much onto you. I’ll have to say though, the door scene was not that big of a reveal for me, the photo of Ford and him missing was what make me think this can happen.


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