Best moments NEC 17 (Pools)

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Best moments from NEC 17 (Pools)

Last Tuesday, we went over four of the clutchest and most emotional moments of NEC 17 MKX Pools. If you missed it, make sure you take at it because some were pretty insane! However, if you’re up to date and hungry for more, here are the top 4 moments handpicked by Infused | Daze!


As the round is coming to an end, Noble | Tweedy decides to check Liu Kang specialist GTG | Sylverrye with a B1 but gets blown out by a B12 into Bicycle Kicks. Rye spends a bar to launch Tweedy out of the kicks when the game decides to invert Liu Kang’s position. Tweedy tries to take advantage but Silverrye has an answer for it.

Click here for the moment!


Whether you hate him or love him, UA | Tom Brady has established himself as one of the most iconic personalities in MKX. Unfortunately, Tom had a car accident not long ago and has difficulties moving around for the time being, but we do see him getting to the stage with some help.

However, emotion isn’t everything Tom brought to the stream. He was down 1-2 against Forever King when the time started doubling down on him. Tom had to go in and so he did after neutral crouching a throw. Let’s see how this clutch round ended…


The whole series between King and PLG | Tekken Master was full of amazing reads, dropped combos, and clutch moments. One of them was this horrible mistake by Tekken Master, who forgot he wasn’t using Swarm Queen at a score of 2-2. He mistimes his X-Ray, causing the commentators to burst into laughter and surprise as King whiff punishes with a dive kick.


Two of the international players at the tournament on an all-out brawl for Top 8. The series sure delivered an insane amount of hype. Tekken Master was at 3% HP for like 60 seconds when he finally dodged 2 of Mileenas Telekicks and whiff punished PXP | Foxy Grampa to take the round.


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