Best 5 Moments of NEC17 Top 8

<< This article was written for the site and edited by them. Due to our contract I am allowed to also post it on my blog. >>

2016 is about to end and with that comes a whole new year full of new games, tournaments and hype! To close out this intense year in MKX competition, Infused | Daze brings us the best 5 moments of NEC 17’s Top 8! Let’s get started with…


#5 – Sylverrye vs. Destroyer: Baiting the armor!

The end of the match is approaching, the score is 2-2 and you can feel the tension in the game. With everything on the line and health tied up for both players, pokes, smart disks, and flying kicks begin fluttering on the screen. Circa | Destroyer manages to get the advantage with a very plus and unused setup: a predator roundhouse kick (S4) into EX lasers. The result? GTG | Sylverrye is tricked and baited into another flying kick. Predator’s master plan is complete as he low profiles the armored move with a poke and wins the match.

Click here for the moment

#4 – Hayatei vs. Destroyer: The clutch is real!

Since Hayatei is mostly an offline player, we see him often at all the Canadian events and North American majors. Destroyer on the other hand, we’ve seen at the Kombat Cup. As the end of the third game approaches at a 1-1 score, Destroyer outfootsies Takeda into a 60% health lead. However, not all is lost for the Takeda God as Hayatei demonstrates how underrates Ronin’s zoning really is.

Click here for the moment

#3 – Hayatei vs. SonicFox: Hold this gimmick

Closing into the final ganes of the tourney, Hayatei and SonicFox face off again in yet another footsies and reads contest. The one who manages to get on top in this clip is Hayatei as another mad scramble unfolds and SonicFox misses an easy conversion fro an EX flip kick because of his depleted stamina. Sonic tries to chip away with EX gun shots but it’s not enough. Hayatei tricks Sonic with an empty jump into a low poke and into a NJP to take the first game and the momentum as expressed by Kitana Prime‘s lovely scream of victory!

Click here for the moment

#2 – Destroyer vs. SonicFox: Never count the Fox out

Time and time again we have to say, you can’t ever count SonicFox out, be at a 70% health lead or even a 90% heath lead. A few well placed mind games and 50/50s can open you up and be ready to feel some of Sonic’s optimized combos if that’s the case. Destroyer is pressuring Cassie in the corner and everything seems to be hitting but Sonic manages to jump out with a kick. It’s all about the mix when Sonic’s turn comes. At that moment, Destroyer wasn’t able to compete with Cassie’s plus frames and instant air guns.

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#1 – Hayatei vs. Scar: 30 seconds of footsies and trades

Whoever said MKX has no footsies clearly didn’t see these 30 seconds. With what seems to be a great game ahead, Hayatei and PG | Scar face off in this nail-biting series full of intense trades. As the game starts, tension boosts to an all-high and staggers, teched grabs, mids, ducking projectiles, plus frames, and true respect all comes out in these 30 seconds.

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