4 Insane moments of NEC 17 (Pools)

<< This article was written for the site vertex-gg.com and edited by them. Due to our contract I am allowed to also post it on my blog. >>

The finale of the year, as coined by the one and only Kitana Prime, took place this last weekend at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in Philadelphia. NEC 17 was full of clutch and emotional moments worth looking at again.

Today, Infused | Daze will take us through the first part of best 8 moments of the Mortal Kombat X pools at the tournament, featuring players like SonicFox, UA | Tom Brady, PXP | Foxy Grampa, and PLG | Tekken Master in a 4-part article series! Stay tuned for more!

#8 – Kevo Da Man reads SonicFox!

The first game is really importance since it awards you with a small mental advantage over your opponent, even when playing against the embodiment of god in MKX, which is always daunting at the very least. Here we see HZRD | Kevo fading away after he lands a smoke bomb, presumably because he didn’t expect it to hit. As the game comes closer to a foreseeable end, Sonic is the one to go for the all-out play and uses Sektor’s armoured flamethrower at an unsafe distance. Kevo blocks it an doesn’t choke this time.

#7 – Mr. Aquaman vs. Foxy Grampa: Hold. This. X-Ray.

Since the latest patch, most if not all the Kotal Kahn players have started looking into other characters for success. At NEC, Mr. Aquaman showed us his Cyber Sub-Zero which he’s been hinting at during the Kombat Cup Series. The hype reaches an astronomical high as Mr. Aquaman’s Cyber Sub gets trapped in the corner against Piercing Mileena after a few input errors. Let’s see how he gets out…


#6 – Real Harris vs. Destroyer: I got cancels too.

As a Hish-Qu-Ten main, C88 | Real Harris was sure starstruck when he arrived at NEC to find out he had to face Circa | Destroyer, who’s arguably the best HQT in the world. Absolute madness ensues as Harris demonstrates he’s not a pushover. Both players are fighting tooth and nail when Destroyer drops the final killing combo and a crazy play takes place.


#5 – Perfect Legend coaches Forever King out of spite.

Since PL got on commentary, he said time and time again how he doesn’t like when players get coached as he thinks it’s unfair. When Tekken Master was 2-0 against Forever King, SonicFox went on to the main stage to talk to him. Everybody laughs as PL drops his headset and goes to equalize the score by coaching Forever King. Also, shoutouts to Tekken Master showing a lovely heart for the stream, making this one the funniest and cutest moment of NEC.


This happens a second time when the score is at 2-2. Hollywood DMS explains.


That’s it for today, but make sure to follow Vertex GG and Daze on twitter to find out when we come back with the rest of the list, and the best moments of top 8!


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