Kombat Cup week8 top 10 power rank. SonicFox is not number 1 anymore!

Tomorrow NEC is going to start. Let’s see if this ranking will be accurate after the event is done, it can be a good comparison between online/ lan play. As for the kombat cup, the Brothers of Destruction (revetleafing and yungmonster) made an amazing impact again.

Still the MKX scene is very weird right now. Everybody can beat anybody. Makes it really exciting for a game with a low skill cap, since the fundamentals are not so important, a lot of upsets can happen based on 50/50’s or reading your opponent.



10)NEW Noble_Raptor Main/ Pocket picks : Takeda?/ Scorpion, Sub-Zero



Raptor finally gets a showing in this power rank. After weeks of almost making it with Hellfire Scorpion he does and… then gets stomped. One of the people who lost a lot of his power with the new patch. Raptor got nerfed as his Takeda got the hammer in the head. Even with this he manages to fight head to head against strong opponents, showing a Grandmaster counter against Scar’s Smoke, he surely still has some of that spark that made him place so highly in the ESL season 3 finals. For now, he needs to find a way to get that spark consistently so he can get some more points.


9)-2 Circa_Destroyer main/ pocket picks – HQT Predator / Tremor, Goro.



Destroyer failed the last 3 weeks to get into the Kombat cup top 8. While getting into the finals of Konquest and losing to Silverrye is noticeable, one must think that maybe people labbed him lately. We all saw what happened to Semiij last week when so many of your games are available on youtube and you get labbed by someone as cunning as Tweedy. The question is, can Destroyer keep it together to make it into the top 8 finalists?


8) +1 GTG|Sylverrye main/ pocket pick – Liu Kang



Sylverrye goes up one spot as someone who makes top 16/top8 on a consistent basis. He wins conquest cup also against Destroyer so he can get more of those tasty points. It’s hard for Sylverrye to break into top 5 in this power rank since it’s so hard for him to beat top 5 players. Yungmonster and Revetleafing made it seem way easier than we all thought, while he struggles regularly with people like Dragon or Scar.


7)-1 Noble_Tweedy main/ pocket pick – Possesed Kenshi/ Ninjutsu Scorpion



Tweedy failed to get top 8 this week at the Kombat cup, it seems like he is hit or miss lately. Boosting a „scary  Kenshi” as praised by SonicFox after 1 hour of games between the two, Tweedy can’t quite get to all of the top 8’s he needs. As the finalist of EVO, Tekken_Master said that Kenshi is top 5. Certainly Kenshi does not seem to have many holes in his armor, but maybe Tweedy does…


6)-3 Semiij  main/ pocket pick – Ethereal Mileena / Ravenous and Smoke


Semiij dropped considerably since I started to make this power ranking 3 weeks ago. 3 weeks ago he was on the second spot while I was wondering if he will be the one to dethrone the SonicFox. All of that crashed and burned be it with Tweedy’s insane labbing and Dragon’s clutch factor. The top 8 is so volatile, everyone is dropping and teleporting spots as all of Semiij’s characters :).


5)-1 revetleafing main – Tanya



While games against training partners are always weird since both of you know what you do and what you think, games between brothers seem to be on a completely different level. They came prepared for each other and Yungmonster came out ahead. Who knows if revetleafing could’ve been stopped otherwise. I mean, facing someone who knows all the ins and outs of your character is certainly scary, but someone who knows the ins and outs of the way you think ? Yikes!


4)-2 PG|Scar main/ pocket picks – Smoke/ Demo Sonya, Hat Trick Lao



Scar does not drop 2 spots because he missed top 8, or because he can’t find a main character. All the other people ranked above him did so damn well it was impossible for Scar to not drop these spots. If he won though, certainly Scar would get number 1. He was defeated by what seemed to be the unstoppable force of yungmonster. Who can blame him for that? The kid was insane this week.


3) +7 yungmonster main – Jacqui Briggs



With what seems to be the highest rise this rank ever encountered. Yungmonster speeds between the likes of Tweedy or his brother to land on a well deserved third spot. Let’s see what this man accomplished this week … 3-1 against RaptorXDR, 3-2 vs SonicFox (Jacqui mirror), 3-2 vs revetleafing(the champion of last week), 3-1 vs Scar and  3-2 vs Dragon. Just look at those names and think a second about what happened. Keep your eyes out for this man, if he and his brother keep playing like this and get some experience, they will leave a huge mark on the end of the MKX scene.


2) –1 SonicFox  mains /pocket picks- The entire MK Kast



What can be more impressive than yungmonster winning a cup in such a dominant fashion? Sonicfox not having a nr 1 near his name. This is the third week in a row that sonic failed in winning the Kombat cup. We do know that in these leagues he stops caring much when he has enough points and tries to test stuff out. We forgive him for that but he can’t maintain number  1 like this. On the other hand, think of it like this, this man is so confident in his placing he begins to play Jacqui mirror games vs a Jacqui specialist. Talk about big nuts.


1)+4 Noble_Dragon  main/ pocket picks – Kitana / Shinnok, Alien



What do we have here… Dragon sneaked himself past 4 spots to get the number one in this power ranking. Why? He never won a Kombat cup! Well how about 7/8 placings in top 8 then? Like we said Dragon is really consistent, he gets past revetleafing and yungmonster because his multiple top 8’s. He gets past Scar since he placed higher than him in the last Kombat cup, and he gets a spot past Sonic since lately he is performing better than him. This can be because SonicFox does not care, I don’t care either, winning is not the only thing. You have to be consistently good to get number 1 here, and Sonic failed 3 weeks in a row while Dragon didn’t sleep. Can he maintain this display of force though?


Can’t wait for NEC, if you want to leave me a message you can find me at @InfusedDaZe.

See ya all next week !


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