Interview with PLG| tekken_master going into NEC. The challenger is back.

As NEC approaches, I contacted PLG| Tekken_Master to ask him what he has been up to recently. Enjoy.

1) For the MKX fans that don’t know you, who are you and when did you start getting into the fighting game scene.

Tekken_Master: My name is Sayed Hashim, also know as PLG| tekken_master. I am 21 years old, and I live in Bahrain. I Started playing fighting games since 2001 and became a pro from 2010.


 2) After your success in some international tournaments there was a meme around the community that your name is this way because if you would get beaten up in MKX you would just say:

“I don’t even play the game, my main fighting game is Tekken haha”so, how did you pick your name and what is it’s meaning. Also, do you like other games except fighting games?

Tekken_Master: *Laughs* Yeah maybe :p. A friend of mine just created a facebook for me and named me as tekken master due to the fact that I was the best in Tekken in my region. Indeed I do play other games like Call of duty, Battlefield or Grandturismo.


3) Another famous moment was when you were fighting Madzin at Hypespotting 2016 and it was 2-1 for him. Honeybee came and told you something. The casters speculated that he told you to pick D’vorah (as she is a good counterpick to Grandmaster) but It was seen as some sort of bait since you defeated his brother. Since we have never seen your D’vorah, everybody was completely star struck when you showed what you can do with her. So what did honeybee tell you at that moment? Click here for the video.

Tekken_Master: I dont remember the exact words , but what I remember is that he told me to pick her against Grandmaster because shes too good against him , and I listened to him eventually *laughs*.


*photo courtesy of EVO*

4)Your game against SonicFox in the finals of evo 2016 is regarded as one of the best series in MKX history, and it was in such a grand stage. The clutch factor was amazing and you looked at one point that you had the game in the bag, did you feel when he switched to Alien that your chances with Blood God Kotal were very low? And how did you feel about Alien at that point in the game, since people called it a Boss Kharacter.

Tekken_Master: I was confident with Blood God actually , but unfortunately I missed some punishes that caused me to lose the whole tournament. Alien was just too good and hard to deal with its overall 50/50’s and zoning.

5) You said in an espn interview that you are only afraid of SonicFox, A Foxy Grampa and Scar. What makes these Kompetitors worthy of your respect? And what do you feel people need to become great MKX players, after mastering your Kharacter, is it things like nerves of steel or labbing every match up?

Tekken_Master: If you will look at their history of competing in tournaments, they were the best and their characters are also scary.

Players just need to train everyday and work hard, believe in yourself , you can beat everyone if you really worked hard. And yeah, both labbing every match up and controlling your nerves during the tournament are the most important factors to be one of the best players in the world.

6) As we all know, MKX got a huge patch that changed the game completely. Do you like the game more now? And who would you say are the top 5 best Kharacters of MKX at this moment?

Tekken_Master: Yes I do like the game more now though they killed both my characters (Kotal and D’vorah). Top 5 are Shinnok, Jason, Sektor, Kenshi, Grandmaster.

7) If we were to separate the MKX fighting game players into Character loyalists and Kompetitors that counterpick. You seem to be part of the second category, people were amazed by your incredible skill with characters like D’vorah, Predator, Tremor and obviously Kotal Kahn. Does the fact that you don’t have many training partners / a big scene in Bahrain mean that you need to play all the Kast religiously so you can be prepared for every match up? Which one of the two categories do you think are more successful?

Tekken_Master: Counterpicking is the best category of course! But I did pick Kotal and D’vorah to cover all the matchups. As Kotal can’t deal with Subzero and Shinnok, so I prefer picking D’vorah against them, but there is also one important factor that you should consider before counterpicking it’s to have confidence in yourself.


8) Since you will be going at NEC 16 soon, have you been studying your opponents in tournaments such as Kombat cup or SCR ? What do you think of Scar’s win at SCR.

Tekken_Master: Yeah I have been watching and enjoying the Kombat Cup, and yes Scar  deserved to win SCR, especially after winning against such solid players like Sonic, Cowboy and Madzin .. He proved to the world that he’s still one of the best even after the last patch.

9) What do you think about Injustice 2? Will you switch or would you prefer to stick to MKX if there will be more tournaments ?

Tekken_Master: I’ll be playing both *Smiles*.


*photo courtesy of EVO*

10)As last words, do you have anything to say to your fans? Can you also predict who will be in the top 3 at NEC 2016?

Tekken_Master: *confident* I will say this, don’t miss watching NEC. Stay tunned I’ll be there! Also it’s really hard to predict the top 3 as most of the players now can win against each other, there is no certainty in this game anymore!

You can find more about Tekken_Master on his social media at:

His facebook


His twitter

If you liked the interview and want to see more of these. Hit me up at @InfusedDaZe


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