Kombat cup top 10 power rank for week7. Revetleafing rocks the kompetition.

Coming back at you with the Kombat cup week 7 power rank. This week we had a plethora of upsets: Semiij losing early top 8, people like Silverrye not making it into the spotlight and revetleafing destroying his opponents to secure himself a week7 win.


Certainly, the MKX scene is quite chaotic  at this moment. Online play affects a lot of results but who are we to question the skill of the players. Getting in a grand finals of one of the cups is amazing nonetheless. So revetleafing’s win is not something you can attribute to simple connection issues.


10) NEW yungmonster main – Jacqui Briggs



After a grueling week 7 yungmonster edges out on a lot of Kompetitors by placing 10th on my list. With wins over StDx2eZ who was ranked 9th last week, and EXiLEMurk who is a Liu Kang bad ass the young Jacqui player makes his first appearance here. While fighting Sonicfox in the starting game of the week is terrible, he did put up a great struggle against an otherwise mortal looking fox. Let’s hope that next time he will play someone more human and not a God.


9) NEW Noble_BeyondToxin main – Ermac



BeyondToxin is making an appearance in 9th after defeating Hayate 3-0 and destroyer (ranked on 4th last week) 3-2. I always put a lot of emphasis on defeating top 5 players and Toxin deserves his spot. Showing off a not so spectacular but efficient Ermac, be it Master of souls or Mystic maximum optimized damage is the name of the game. Getting smacked in the head by Scar was not that fun though, so let’s see what he can do in the coming weeks.


8) -2 Sylverrye main/ pocket pick – Dragon’s Fire Liu Kang/ Flame fist Liu Kang


Sylverrye drops off 2 spots this week after failing to make top8. Looking at his run, he got beaten by revetleafing in top 16 so he was close. Close does not cut it though, and he will need to make more appearances if he wants to maintain top 10 in this power rank. Losing to the eventual winner of the tournament is no big deal though, let’s keep our head in the game and watch out for Sylverrye next week.


7)-3 Circa_Destroyer main/ pocket picks – HQT Predator / Tremor, Goro.



Destroyer falls 3 spots this power rank with no appearance in top8. For a top player like Destroyer consistency is the hardest task, as a cancel Kharacter like HQT Predator can beat you up easily if you let him play his game, but when he is on the ropes his oki game is terrible. In comparison to someone like Toxin who used Ermac to edge out a win against him, Ermac’s oki game is fantastic with the push/throw mind game. Lastly, the games against Toxin were very close and fast paced so definitely check those games on the Stream.Me archive here.


6)+2 Noble_Tweedy main/ pocket pick – Possesed Kenshi/ Ninjutsu Scorpion



For someone who tried all their career to be considered consistent we can all agree that Tweedy managed this feat during the Kombat Cup. Ranking 6th on the Kombat Cup’s rankings with 270 points, really close to Destroyer’ 290 points record, Tweedy made Kenshi consistent. Beating up Semiij easily with labbed tech and counter tricks boosted him on the 6th spot of this ranking. If he gets more top 8 finishes it can only get better from here.


5)-2 Noble_Dragon  main/ pocket picks – Kitana / Shinnok, Alien



Dragon’s consistency got shattered by revetleafing’s tricky and surprising Tanya. Since you can’t usually beat a Dragon with the same trick twice, expect a thorough lab of Tanya and a counter pick of either Mournful or some variation of Shinnok. We could see that the Royal Storm deflect only took him so far after revetleafing discovered how to deal with it. Tricky and surprising is good, but can’t be as consistent, right?


4)NEW revetleafing main – Tanya



With one of the most shocking and jaw dropping performances of the Kombat Cup, revetleafing jumps from the shadows to take week7. Even if this week was amazing for him, we need more consistent finishes in the next cups to see if he deserves a higher spot. After losing to Dragon at SCR 2016, his road to winning the tourney was astonishing in defeating Sylverrye, Dragon, Tweedy and Scar, all of them being high ranking members of week 6’s power rank. Sporting an effective and deadly Tanya based on great counter pokes with ex-dust, instant overhead air drills and tricky 50/50’s, will he get labbed to death, or can he prove his worth in the upcoming cups?


3)-1 Semiij  main/ pocket pick – Ethereal Mileena / Ravenous and Smoke


Falling a spot this week, Semiij needs to show more consistency if he wants to dethrone the Fox. While his Mileena remained the same, Tweedy came prepared with some cool and innovative tech against him. His change to Smoke did not help much either, as Tweedy seemed to be 2 blind steps ahead of him. Still, winning a cup reverse 3-0 against SonicFox will maintain him around the top rankings for some time.


2)+3 PG|Scar main/ pocket picks – Smoke/ Demo Sonya, Hat Trick Lao



Week 7 saw Scar coming back into top 8 with his eyes on the prize. After defeating SonicFox in a Triborg semi-final his win was surely assured no? Revetleafing caught him totally off guard with his Tanya as Scar refused to pick anything else than Smoke proceeding to lose the final 3-0. While revetleafing’s performance was great, he kind of has to thank Scar for beating the final boss for him. Scoring a hard fought win against SonicFox while the other people ranked 2-5 fumble, boosts Scar ranking by 3 spots. Will he be the one to take the nr 1 spot from the true king?


1) SonicFox  mains /pocket picks- The entire MK Kast



SonicFox loses another cup this time in the semi finals. Acknowledging Scar’s win, Sonic is still number one until somebody can string a couple of wins against him on a consistent basis. For some reason he stuck to Sektor in his semi-finals game and we didn’t get to see some new tech against Scar’s Smoke who defeated him at SCR. While the scene is very volatile now, surely SonicFox is saving strats  for the big lans and finals, right?


I hope you guys enjoyed this ranking, hit me up on @InfusedDaZe if you wanna talk or give me your picks and opinions on who deserves to be top 10. See ya next week.











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