Week 6 of Kombat Cup top 10 power rank.

Hey everyone my name is DaZe and I’m a huge fan of the MKX scene. Down there you will find my picks for the top 10 Kompetitors after week 6 of the Kombat cup. Enjoy !

A special shoutout goes to Sacky for some formidable play in the last week.

10) Jagoblake main – Ninjutsu Scorpion



While number 10 on the list can be seen as a toss up, I will give it to the gatekeeper of the kombat cup top 8. Participating all the time, your quest to top 8 will always be met in round of 16 by Blake’s amazing Ninjutsu Scorpion. While Scorpion has seen a resurgence after the latest NRS patch, the top 8 of Kombat cup did not have as many as you think (only Lion and Blake made it). Blake is a prime example of why scorpion can’t perform as a top character on a consistent  basis. Most of his combos and spacing need a good read to perform and his pressure is not free. So if you’re not 100% on your game while playing scorpion, or don’t know all the ins and outs of all the Kast you can’t expect to consistently beat top contenders every week.



9)Stdx2EZ main – Ermac



The most swaggiest Ermac you will ever see. And the most times you will ever see outworld marketplace picked in a best of 5. 2eZ has shown amazing usage of the stage interactibles combined with Ermac’s float, many times leaving his opponent baffled. You can certainly say that this stage is his home turf. Adding to that, all his combos are greatly optimized, swagged and delightful to watch. He needs more placings so that we can hear more of the amazing outworld marketplace music.



8)ExileTweedy main/ pocket pick – Possesed Kenshi/ Ninjutsu Scorpion



Tweedy managed to get into one of the finals in week4 but after that he missed the top 8 for the following 2 weeks. Playing a great and hard to read Kenshi playstyle dictated by rushdown combined with the overhead minion/low minion/and teleport gimmicks, he is certainly a contender in most of the games he enters. Also kenshi’s damage mid screen is no joke, casually getting 44% on two bars while his corner damage is also unseeNly good(kill me).



7)Yomi_Slayer main/ pocket pick– Shaolin Kung Jin/ Kung Lao



Appearing out of nowhere in week 5, Slayer came to demonstrate that NRS actually buffed Shaolin’s ex low chakram. He continued to mop and t-bag his way to such a dominant victory over BeyondToxin that the poor ermac main put his controller down near the end of the match.

One thing that certainly helps Slayer is the fact that online you can’t rematch in 2 seconds, leaving him some time to calm down. Let’s hope that getting destroyed and t-bagged by Sacky only will fuel his rage going into week7.



6)Sylverrye main/ pocket pick – Dragon’s Fire Liu Kang/ Flame fist Liu Kangsylverrye.png

Sylverrye edges out over the other 4 players  by placing in a final in week 2 and gracing us with his presence in week 6 again. Playing a gruesome and clutch final against the Sonicfox and losing 2-3 is no small task. While in week 6 he could not defeat the consistent beast that is Dragon.

Sylverrye needs to find a good balance of offense and defense so that he can make Liu Kang consistent. Right now, let’s hope we can see him in more top 8s because he is always entertaining to watch. ( He also needs those points )



5)PG|Scar main/ pocket picks – Smoke/Demo Sonya, Hat Trick Lao



Riding from his SCR win into the Kombat cups Scar had some success at the start. We have seen him using Smoke more often than ever and a case can be made that it is his main right now. While Smoke is one of the best characters at the moment, new tech is always popping out about how to deal with his shenanigans. In my opinion, Smoke’s gimmicks like smoke bomb after an overhead/low, phasing on oki or spacing with his mid string are slowly getting figured out. Of course Scar always has mama Sonya to go back but, can it be enough to match the other top Kompetitors ?



4)Circa_Destroyer main/ pocket picks – HQT Predator / Tremor, Goro.



If sonic fox was saying in a tweet that when Jason knocks you down you start playing his game, this is the exact situation for Destroyer. His cancels on HQT or Tremor are so crisp, he makes them look like normal strings. The moment you leave Destroyer to play his game and you block and don’t poke after a blocked low laser or a close smart-disk, you are making your life a living nightmare.

The corner re-stand pressure he does, his multiple hitting armor breaking  set ups and his overall form lately are edging him closer and closer to the top. He only needs some more results to contend with the first 3.



3)Dragon  main/ pocket picks – Kitana / Shinnok, Alien



The consistent monster. Calm, collected and always efficient. A lot of people tried to negate Dragon’s success by attributing it to Alien’s undesirable balance situation. He certainly showed them that all of it was non-sense. When you watch him play Kitana and Shinnok you think that he is a character loyalist.

While his all time nemesis is Sonicfox, Semiij got the better of dragon week 6 as well. Let’s see if dragon can stop them next time!



2)Semiij  main/ pocket pick – Ethereal Mileena / Ravenous and Smoke


In week 6 Semiij did manage to do what most of the Kombat cup competitors of the upper bracket deemed as impossible. Defeat sonicfox in a fair and square best of 5. Adding to that his form is so good right now that he even got past Dragon in the points system. Showing more consistency than one of the most consistent fighters from MKX. With these two huge achievements under his belt, Semiij needs to (stop picking smoke) go into week7 while riding his own hype train and establish himself as a consistent force in the MKX scene. Getting a tweet from sonicfox saying that he will prepare and adapt to your playstyle is certainly no small feat.




1) SonicFox  mains /pocket picks- The entire MK Kast



Even If Sonicfox lost the last Kombat cup to Semiij his legacy still stands. The most prolific MKX player of all time with amazing reads, amazing footsies/spacing and amazing clutch factor. Sonicfox is certainly a legend and it will be very hard for anyone to take his nr1 spot.

Until Semij defeated him in a clutch final, Sonic won all the Kombat Cups he participated in. His SCR run was not great for his standards, but his form right now is shown by him mopping  great players like Destroyer, Scar, Tweedy or Cossner on a regular basis.



I hope you enjoyed my top 10. If you guys like it I can do more of these.





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