Mu legend is worth the 13 years of waiting for another perfect MMO Diablo clone with nostalgia feels.

Mu legend released their CBT for EU and NA 2 weeks ago. Let’s take a look at the direction they took and do a mini review about what the game can be on launch (2017), and what are some of the problems they need to look into so this can be a staple F2P MMOARPG.

The way this article will go is that we will look a bit at MU online, the 2003 MMO and talk about some of my time spent there, coupled with the way MU online opened my eyes towards the MMO genre. Then we will talk about what Mu Legend became because of the ELOA experiment released by Webzen last year. And finally we will talk about Mu legend and see how it’s doing in the CBT and of course, if it deserves the title of MU sequel.


For starters, let’s talk a bit of my experience with MU 2003. I was about 10 years old when i first went to an internet cafe around my place to play games. I still remember this day like it was yesterday, my friend payed for 1 hour of PC time and went online to make an account for MU Linkmania (a private Romanian server). I had no clue what was he trying to do, but he literally created 10 emails and made 10 accounts because we didn’t know how to validate an account by email. After the hour i finally told him that all you had to do was click that link in the email, and he told me that it’s all for the better. The game we where about to play was called MU and it was very popular in that particular internet cafe. As we did not have internet at home, we went again next day with accounts ready and played. I was mind blown. It was like I was playing Diablo 2 online with thousands of other players, the universe felt so alive. I played it on the internet cafe all the time and when i finally got internet at home, i downloaded it and got to a high level very fast. I also had some problems with the language for some reason it showed the game to me in Korean, good thing is that i knew all the menus by hearth haha.

So after i got to a higher level and started to understand the game, i realized it lacked some very important traits. The leveling experience was basically insane, no quests or anything, just grind mobs or get a lucky party and get yourself to a high level. The single most fun quest in the game was the notorious Blood Castle, you can see a trailer for it by clicking here. However, even if the game was flawed it still transformed into hours and hours of fun for me. And it made me love the MMO genre.


Moving on, the game developer is Webzen again, so what did we learn from last year ARPG MMO ELOA? I played this game religiously until I got Elite at pvp (top 100 on the server) and I loved the arena, the grinding, it all felt great. Some of the things Mu legend copied from this are the pet system, the Arena 1v1 and some of the action combat/ skill tree stuff.Also, simple things such as the theme park  quest style as well as traveling between continents and the way the world is shaped are copied silently. With out going too much in depth about what it copied, let’s talk about why this game did not really have that much success. In my opinion the anime-ish art style got old fast, and while the combat felt amazing, the monsters did not have that much variation. You literally fought a number of overgrown mushrooms haha.

Basically, they also failed to give people reason to play, after i got Elite in PVP i had no more reason to grind arena or gear, so that’s that. So we need more reasons to play, like Guild vs Guild arena or stuff like this, more content in general. The art-style should not matter so much since in MU you have this classy medieval style that won’t get boring that fast.

So what does Mu legend have going for it in this CBT ? Well most of the game feels very crisp, maybe we need some more channels in the cities or a method to make the game less laggy when there are many people/many things on the screen. Some bosses need their attacks tweaked a bit so you won’t get hit with wonky hit boxes. But it has the feel, it has the epic nostalgia music from 2003, it has the same places Devias/Lorencia/Noria, we have the same classes, and legacy Armor sets. Everything should be in place for another 13 years of greatness, we need just those lag problems solved and we’re good to go.


All in all i have great expectations for this release. And if you’re an old time MU player like me, I’m sure you will love it as well.





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