The Fall continues the legacy of shows with a protagonist that has a God complex, but ads a special twist to it.

A great predecessor to shows such as Dexter and Death Note. The god complex shows are nothing new, but what do most of these have in common? Well let’s take a look at both Light Yagami and Dexter Morgan, then compare them with Paul Spector.


Light Yagami, the protagonist from Death Note and Dexter Morgan, the protagonist from Dexter TV are very similar characters. Their motivation comes from the fact that they think of themselves as vigilantes. They think that killing criminals will help make the world a better place. As the show goes on you realize they slowly but surely lose their humanity and become even worse than the people they are killing. Light goes completely mad and thinks of himself as a God, while Dexter is devastated by killing an innocent person just to hide his secret.

The twist and turns in these kind of shows are usually non existent. You kind of know what you’re into the second you start to understand these characters. They are complex but their path is predestined,  the shows morale usually comes to something like „killing human beings is wrong, whatever the reason”. So they always are defeated by the world build around them.


Now let’s talk about Spector. You know how in most of the books that were written a long time ago, the main characters were basically intrinsically good. They had a morale, and they where mostly about horrible people getting the justice hammer in the head. Now we are in an age where most of the books are about killers or situations where are more complex than evil and good. This is where Paul Spector comes in, his show is basically a modern book, his motives are not known, and most of the stuff he does is … pretty horrific. He is a serial killer in the true sense of the word, in opposition with the feminist Assistant Director Stella Gibson, their battle is similar to the one between L and Light.

Paul is indeed a very complex character. Starting to know more about his motives, his childhood and his personality is only part of the amazing plot. Nothing is known, the plot twists are prevalent and the show keeps you on your toes. Adding to that there is an amazing opposition in this shown, I never seen something quite like this. Every character in the show is in TOTAL opposition with another character they usually interact. This is a recurring theme trough the TV series, and ads to the character traits, motives and ideas.

At the end of season 3 at the moment, grasping for breath while wondering what is going to happen next. Let’s see what happens with Mr. Paul Spector.



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