How the TV show Blindspot managed to entertain its ridiculous plot by following a meta-ethical story

Right, so Blindspot released the second season about 4 weeks ago. For anyone who has not watched the series beware… MAJOR SPOILERS INCOMING.

BLINDSPOT – Pilot – Pictured (L-R): Ukweil Roach as Borden, Ashley Johnson as Patterson, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata, Rob Brown as Edgar Ramirez, Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Bethany Mayfair – Photo by Sandro/NBC.

We where left at the end of season one with dozens of questions. Who are the people who did that to Jane? Why did they accentuate the connection between Weller and Jane so much? Why do they keep remaking episodes of The Blacklist with tattoos instead of Black-listers. Can the show be able to respond to all of this in a clear and concise way that won’t destroy the plot nor the characters. YES ! It does this in a spectacular fashion, by answering every single plot point from the second season in the first episode of season 2. So you might ask, after all of that wait everything is revealed in a 40 minute episode? The show surely is trash right now? Well actually, the show is going as strong as ever. Here are a few ratings for season1/2 of the show, as you can see the show has an average of 5-6 mil people watching except for the first episode of the first and second season. So why are the people still watching this?

Click here and here for s1/s2 ratings

The interest in it certainly made me wonder as well. I was wondering what could they possibly pull out more than they already have? The show does not feel changed though. All the ideas that some shows run only on some secret that will be revealed later are non-sense for this. The acting is top notch and with the death of Mayfair there is even more accentuated personal story lines for each character. Reade will have to go trough something similar to Jane, Weller will have a kid and Jane will have to jump trough the lies of the FBI and Sandstorm.


So how does this show go trough several plot lines into a new and inciting story? They actually make great use of some meta-ethical plot. Now you might wonder what the hell am I talking about? Bare with me for a second. You know how in the super-hero movies there is always distinct good and bad? This show scraps that all together and puts emphasis on the cause of action. Sandstorm are a group of extremists that have been born into this world in horrible situations. The Sandstorm leader had her family killed by the stupidity of the government. Because of her story, the lake near her family was infected with pollution resulting in cancerous cells for her family and dozens other families in the area. All of her relatives are dead, while her ovaries where removed. This is where Jane and her Brother came in. Basically Sandstorms leader recruited the two and cared for them as they where her family. Adding to this we are given very distinct plot „teams”, are you with the FBI ? who basically aids the government and masks all their atrocities? Or are you touched by the story of Sandstorm and are prepared to root for their extremist cause. Because of the show letting you chose who to like it feels more and more as a real world situation. Where people are not driven just by killing and evil, but by ideology or religion.

Since the show managed to include such a subtle but well executed story it certainly got me captivated and interested to see if they manage to meet my expectations. Certainly a recommendation.



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