Analysis of the first season of the anime re:zero.

Were are we now on the ani-market ?

Alright so we passed like 3 anime seasons at the moment and the only good thing this year seems to be Re:zero. I’ll write a few things about what makes this the stand alone anime of 2016 so far.

Alright let’s talk about the first few episodes and the setting of the show. First thing you will notice from the first episode is the fact that the show is from the deconstruction genre of anime. For those who are not familiar with what that means, it refers to the anime or show that takes a genre (for example the extraordinary hero caught in the extraordinary world who has extraordinary powers) and elimiates the extraodinary hero and powers part. Subaru, our main bro refers to this quite soon after the episode starts, he is wondering why he does not have any special powers even though the stuff happening around him is indeed quite special. The trope is thrown out of the window and we can observe that „what if ” situation that so many other anime wish to forget about.

The story and the characters feel unique and fresh!

While the show has some romance and what not in it, and most of Subarus actions are because of his love for Emilia we have to acknowledge that Subaru does not become a new person every time the time reset happens. So his love for Emilia can be an explanation that he did not forget those first 4-5 episodes where he tried desperately to help her cause. In my opinion the situation from the first episodes was a reflection of a man going to the only person he knows in that world (albeit a short time) and try to be friends with her, this might have some mental implications that might be looked more into season 2.

After we put the explanation for Subarus love a bit aside. The rest of the cast is actually not that bad written. The two sisters Rem and Ram care for each other dearly (as shown in one of the bad endings where Ram tries to kill Subaru based on only a hunch) Emilia takes her duty very seriously and the rest of the cast is quite diverse.


The themes talked about and the music are synced nicely and wrapped in a great way to finish the last touches to a great show!

While having a dark theme is not something new to an anime show, just throwing stuff to the viewer for him to interpret as thematic or not is not good either. Let’s go on a tangent a bit and talk about the anime Gangsta, we are introduced to the world of crime drugs and what not, sex abused/whores who try to save their family is a nice addition to it. It does not feel forced or just thrown there for the shock element. Do you see where I am getting at ? Shows that try to be what they are not is just aggravating to the point of no return, and the ones that have the same gag to it get old soon and are just a plain boring shitfest (I’m looking at you Sakamoto). All of this is written really well in Re:Zero though … Subaru will change scenery quite often and you can get a feel of the nuances of the new places or what the people want in that place or what is important to them. All of this is blend quite impressive with the music and atmosphere of the show. Great addition of Cut Scenes/ Music Synced with Shouting and what not wrap this one out for a great season 2.

All that’s left for them is deliver and transform this 2016 anime into a classic for the ages.

I’ll not a few of my favourite moments in the show.

My favourite moment + best music moment:

When Subaru uses for the first time the magic he learned to defeat the giant wolf



My favourite plot twist

When Subaru learns that Betelgeuse is inside him. :>

shocked bish.jpg

My most facepalm moment

Not wanting Rem as a girlfriend


My favourite character.



Also my boy Betelgeuse deserves some props for an amazing antagonist role in a series lacking them a bit (most characters had more motivation for their actions such as their political interest and what not).







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