The 2 MMO eras and p2w today.

Starting this post I want to talk a bit about the history of MMOS from the 2000’s on wards. Well around the time of MU online or Silkroad around 2004, the MMO community functioned a lot more different than it does now. For you to understand that, I have to tell you that people where a lot less talkative. That means that if you played a Warrior in Silkroad and got your ass handed to you by another class with not so good gear, your first instinct would not be to go on the forums and write a post along the lines of “OH MAY GAWD UNPLAYABLE, RUINING THE GAME BLA BLA”. In that day and age your post would get insta-deleted and you would probably get a warning for posting crap.

Just so I can make things clear, it’s not only about class balance, for example in MU online or Silkroad the servers where very small (around 2,5 k people max for 1 server). Hundreds of goldbots would stay logged in day and night to give the goldwebsites money while you the player had to just suck it up and wait. Posting things like ‘I wont play this game anymore because of shit servers bla bla” did not reach anybody to be honest, again all that would happen is you would make a clown out of yourself. To be honest mostly, nobody cared about your opinion, not the developer, and by any chance not the players. People where a lot less opinionated than now. I m just writing about this so you can understand how it was back then, I m not promoting this kind of behavior.

 From around the age after Aion was released, that’s about 2010-2012 we’ve seen a huge increase in the MMO market mostly by the so called Korean MMOs that lacked In a lot of ways. Thing is the people who where making these games where not the same as the ones before, most of them did it because they had a dream or wanted to make something happen. So, knowing that they would invest more of their time to respond to tickets and to respond to player opinions. Since the players invested way more time in the game than the developers, they obviously saw something right in balancing the characters around this certain feedback, or introducing more events for the players or more free stuff. Certainly all this is pretty amazing…

silkroad1But all of it comes with a huge cost. Since the player base saw that developers were so interested in the opinion of it’s players, more and more people started posting their opinion, and I personally am of the opinion that not all opinions are valid. For example many players who are playing a weak class would much rather go on a forum and bitch about how that class is very weak compared to X, even though I sense a severe case of “git gud” here. Opinions started mattering more than actions, Since everybody can have an opinion now, when you play for example Guner in ELOA (Elite Lords Of Alliance) and you post about how playing vs Wizard is impossible, all the Gunner players who will see the post would much rather board the “NERF TRAIN” rather than explaining themselves what you can do better in that matchup. The question is not, “I m having trouble playing wizard because of their silence/teleport but more on the lines of I know that wizard is broken so please nerf them or make our class better or else I quit”. Remember what I said above? In the 2000 era nobody cared about your opinion, if the topic would not be closed you would get some of those “pussy” or “l2p” remarks. So this is our situation right now, every idiot on the block has a biased opinion, and as a game developer you much rather try to avoid social media like Reddit or Facebook or websites like 4chan these days or else you might get some of those death treats for not doing “As the community wanted”.


So after that long discussion I wanted to talk about a specific opinion around the many idiots that have opinions these days. The idea that everything in the cash shop that you don’t like makes the game PAY 2 WIN. For this I will come to a Gif I feel suits the discussion so, even at this pic I see examples as LEAGUE OF FUCKING LEGENDS as a p2w game. The users explanation is that YOU CAN BUY ALL HEROES 2 COUNTER EVERYTHING ALSO BUY RUNES WITH THE IP. As a side note, my experience with league… I had no idea about MOBAS, but my university friends made me try it out, I was horrible at the game, but I played a few champions I liked and at lvl 30 (remember that you can use runes only after level 20 or so) I had enough IP for a full rune page for the types of characters I played and I also bought a few 6300 champions as well. So going back to the MMO genre, the pay 2 get an EXP boost, the pay 2 do another daily, the pay 2 get costumes ARE NOT PAY 2 WIN. This is one of the most cancer troll comments that triggers me these days, and it makes me really sick that there are so many people who just like to bitch all day. People don’t like trying even in games, they see something as hard they don’t try to figure out ways to deal with it, they just post on reddit or email the devs…

So let’s not jump on the bandwagon so much and try to look at ourselves first instead of complaining the first moment you hit a brick wall.



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