The beauty of Undertale

As a person who goes into a RPG always expecting a great story, Undertale did not disappoint. Actually the beautiful characters and the feel you have when you know that all your actions affect the world made me realize what i want when I’m watching an anime.

I had this old quote on a Starcraft forum i used to post on „Anime characters are not like fictional characters but more like fictional people, their actions stem directly from their personalities, and not just as means to move the story’s plot forward. We are made to sympathise with them, and not simply be entertained by them.” While the quote itself is about anime i think it’s a great example about what is the thing that grinds my gears while watching anime or enjoying Undertale. The characters feel human. The skeletons have faith, Toriel has a heart and Undyne is full of DETERMINATION. Their charisma and quirks are established throughout the game and with beautiful music it’s continued in the fights, in the most important decisions you take while confronting them.


They are not made to „hate”or „judge” you, if you do one of the most murderous runs, they still have mixed feelings about you, they prove that the creator put his heart into making the story and everything. This is what modern day anime like Ash and Grimgar lack, they have this wondrous world and interesting concept, but the characters are so bland it’s just a huge let down.

With amazing music and characters, amazing story and gameplay, the fantastic feeling when you SAVE or FIGHT, all I can say is that Undertale fills you with DETERMINATION.



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